Producer Portal Now Available

Introducing Navigator

We are pleased to announce the availability of an on-line producer portal. This portal provides:

  • Quick view of policies by customer
  • Detailed view of active policy
  • Historical policy transaction detail
  • On demand policy print
  • Quick link to open claims detail
  • Historical claims detail
  • Claim payment transaction detail
  • Current and historical payments
  • Application and correspondence
  • Payment/billing status
  • Pay plan indicator
  • Print PDF Notices and Paid Notices
  • Outstanding balances report
  • Claims activity report
  • Daily activity policy and notice print
  • Agent statements
  • Summary of active book of business
  • Inspection reports

The Iowa FAIR Plan uses a policy administration system developed and supported by IMT Computer Services called APPS.  The online program is an APPS module called Navigator. Here is a video overview of what Navigator can do:

If you want access please contact us at