Service Standards

We require five business days for quotes, issuing new policies, or processing policy changes. A completed application (with the signatures of all named insureds and the producer) along with proof of payment are needed before a policy is issued.

Please check eligibility guidelines before requesting a quote. Properties are ineligible if one or more of the following conditions are present:

  • is vacant and/or unoccupied and/or in foreclosure.
  • has physical conditions which have been declared unsafe by a local jurisdiction.
  • has grossly inadequate and/or defective heating, wiring, or plumbing and/or is in exceptionally poor physical condition and/or has exceptionally poor housekeeping.
  • has unsettled/unpaid claims from previous losses or has unresolved damages from previous losses.
  • has a wood-burning stove and the stove is “homemade” or, the property is a mobile home that has a wood-burning stove or, the property has a garage/outbuilding with a wood-burning stove.
  • is a rental property with more than 65 percent vacancy and/or the property lacks a current rental certificate where required.
  • has more than two losses, each loss amounting to at least $500 or one percent of the insurance in force, whichever is greater, in the immediately preceding 12-month period, or more than three such losses in the immediately preceding 24-month period.
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