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Updates to HO-8 Underwriting Guidelines

ho8Two changes have been made to the HO-8 Underwriting Guidelines:

  • The first is to clarify that railings are required when three (3) or more steps are present.
  • The second limits the HO-8 eligibility to homes on five (5) acres or less.

Click here for more information about the Iowa FAIR Plan HO-8 Program including: Eligible Properties, Coverage Limits and Forms, Protection Class, Deductible Options, Deficiency Charges, Binding Authority, Payment Options and Requests For Coverage.

HO-8 Application Updated

New HO-8 AppThe HO-8 application has been updated. Here is a link to the new application:  HO FP AP 03 14.  Changes include:

• Corrected the mailing address for the FAIR Plan from Des Moines to Windsor Heights.
• Added a field for a “Requested Effective Date”.
• Added a field for “Quote Only”.
• Added a check box for renewal invoices to be sent to a mortgagee.
• Added “Hot tub” to question (p.)
• Added question (r.) about handrails.
• Added field for Producer’s e-mail address.

All of the above changes are expected to improve efficiencies by reducing the need for additional correspondence and clarification for both the Plan and the Producers so we can better serve our policyholders.

Here is a link to sample HO-8 premiums:  Sample Premiums

Here is a link to HO-8 underwriting guidelines:  Homeowners 8 Underwriting Guidelines

IIAI 2014 Rural Agent Meeting

iiaiMany thanks to the 400 agents at the Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa’s 2014 Rural Agents Conference for the opportunity to share information about the Iowa FAIR Plan. We appreciate your interest and the many inquiries since the meeting. Please let us know how we can help you to help your clients!